Securities Investment

Broker-assisted order placement

Our company is ready to serve our customers with more than 600 knowledgable and experienced professional financial service teams across 37 offices nationwide. We are ready to provide investment advisory for our customers to achieve good investment returns and wealth creation.

Online Trading

We are committed to continuously develop our technology to be able to respond to our client investment decision quickly and efficiently. The company also invested in building an online trading platform that client can securely place the order as well as other investment tools and research to help you make a smart investment decision.

Online Trading avaialbe by Finansia PC Mac Smart Phone
iOS Android Tablet
Trading Applications
Finansia HERO     *
IFIS (only stock trading)         **
SETTRADE Streaming
efin Trade Plus  
efin Trade Plus: Auto Trade  
Trading Tools
efin Stock PickUp        
Aspen for Browser        
Research Center
Finansia Channel
Finansia iSmart       *

หมายเหตุ : *ใช้ Application Version เดียวกับบน Mobile
     **ใช้งานได้เฉพาะบน IPAD

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