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At Finansia Global Trading, we emphasize on providing an additional layer of diversification not available in Thailand. When you diversify within equities in Thailand, you are still systematically exposed to macro risks like inflation, interest rates, currency, trade deficit etc. This is where our Finansia Global Trading desk scores.

Go online and invest in more than 32 exchanges, 8,800 stocks and 24-hours smartly with our leading global equity trading platform and experience our multi-markets and multi-currency from one single FSS Global Trading account. No fuss about opening FCD account (FCD: Foreign Currencty Deposit Account).

Why open Finansia Global Trading account?

  1. We offer direct investment through our online trading platform covering more than 8,800 stocks and ETFs in 32 exchanges around the world to all types of investors including retail and institutional investors.
  2. Our brokerage fees are competitive.
  3. With our strong partnership with leading local brokers in many major markets, we can provide better research, services, insights to company stocks or important events for our clients to expect better investment returns and to expand more trading ideas.
  4. Finansia provide clients with online trading capability for Vietnam and other major markets.
  5. We are experts in CLMV markets especially Vietnam where we have dedicated market specialists to support.

Why Invest Offshore?

Investors are creatures of habit. They do the same thing over and over again without a thought of approaching market differently. Whether they invest in stocks, bonds, commodities or even currencies, everyone has their own entrenched way of choosing investment.
However, the best investor thinks outside of the box when searching for ways to deploy their capital. They adapt their portfolios to capture opportunities in the market, wherever they might arise. The easiest way to this, right now, is to look at international stocks. And here's why every investors should try their hands.
  1. Outperformance. of course Thai stock market does not always show stellar gains. Some years you will see developed markets like US outperforms Thai market, some years Hong Kong or Europe does make decent move. Imagine you now have access to get exposure to these markets like never before.
  2. Diversification. Diversification is the key to protect any catastrophic downside in the stock market and what better way to diversify than by spreading your risks across the globe? Despite the colleration between domestic and foreign equities, seeking diverisification internationally still makes a lot of investing sense, primarily as a way to access lower valuations. You can spot greater potential growth in international markets or emerging markets than at home.
  3. Global Growth. With many uncertities always disrupt the global economies, Thailand may see less rapid growth compared to other economies. Given growth is cyclical, and investing internationally enables you to capture profits from the shifting of economic cycles.
  4. Greater choice. Investing outside of Thailand provides much greater choices of companies and opportunities. While information may be harder to come by, or you may find challenges in assessing the international companies, the potential reward can be much much greater.
  5. Currency Fluctuation. Often viewed as negative, currency volatility works both way, if the exchange rate moves in your favor, i.e. Thai Baht strenghthens against US dollar, you could end up earning more premium when you invest in international stocks.

What are the risks?

Despite all the benefits of investing internationally, substantial risks exist. Political risk is something we don't have to be worried about in developed countries i.e. the US, Japan, or European countries. However, particularly in emerging markets, political risk can be very high. A change of regime or economic philosophy can send stocks plummetting. However, the flip-side to political risk is that a more pro-business regime may come into power, sending stocks soaring.

What actions to take?

Consider adding international stocks to your portfolio. The easiest way to do is via ETFs. Purchasing region- or country-focused ETFs will provide diversified exposure to the global market.

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