Why invest in global markets?

  • More choices come More opportunities. Enhance your investment return without any boundery. Efficiently allocate your capital to capture investment opportunities by investing in bigger size companies.
  • More companies, More industries, and More diverse stocks across different geographies enable you to benefit from the exposure to faster-growing segments of global economies.
  • Diversifying your risk and boost your long-term investment returns when market in homecountry underperform other peers. Adding international stocks to your portfolioc can also help reduce volatility in your expected return and provide a hedge against risks specific to your region.
  • Global economies are cyclical. With better accessibility to more markets, either developed or emerging you may find companies with cheap valuations, thus providing more attractive returns.
  • Inflation hedging can be acheived through Adding international stocks or ETFs into your portfolio by receiving greater returns from asset value appreciation or through foreign currencies relative to home-based currency.
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