Securities Account Type

  • 1.Cash Account
  • 2.Cash Balance
  • 3.Credit Balance
    • Client is required minimum cash/stock collateral of 20% of your approved limit and will be kept with us.
    • The approved credit limit is subjected to your financial credibility and solvency that the client may trade up to, but not to exceed 100% of your approved credit limit.
    • Cash settlement (Net Paid/Net Receive) will automatically debit (withdraw) or credit (deposit) from your ATS bank account on the 2 business day (T+2) after the trading date (T).
    • Offer investor protection from overtrading more than his/her purchasing power. Required a 100% cash collateral deposit to stock trading account with only outstanding cash balance can be traded.
    • Offers interests for outstanding cash balance in stock trading account.
    • Suitable for investors that would like to finance the purchase of securities by pledging cash and/or stocks as collateral. Pledging stocks universe and credit limit are to be determined by FSS approval.
    • Easy to settle as FSS will first deduct money from the pledging cash amount, if cash is inadequate, the firm will provide loans for the client to cover positions. An interest will be charged on the loan amount. For cash receipt, FSS will deduct from the loan outstanding first then deposit the remaining as cash collateral in client's account.
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