Why Finansia?

Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited is a member no. 24 of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company operates in Thailand with SEC licenses including securities and derivatives brokerage, securities and derivatives dealing, investment advisory, securities underwri ting and securites borrowing and lending. The Company who holds a Financial Advisory License and is one of the active player in IPO's in Thai Capital Market. The Company is recognized as one of the top local brokerage firm in Thailand and a leader offers the most advance online trading platform, "Finansia HERO".

Online Trading available by Finansia PC Mac Smart Phone
iOS Android Tablet
Trading Applications
Finansia HERO   *
IFIS (only stock trading)     **
SETTRADE Streaming
efin Trade Plus  
Trading Tools
efin Stock PickUp        
Aspen for Browser        
Finansia iSmart       *