1. Trading Confirmation
    • Documents will be sent from the company to the client’s address one business day after transaction. The documents will show investment statement and client’s balance at the end of each month.

  2. Settlement of Securities Trading
    • Company will deduct from client’s deposited amount.
    • Incase the funds required are not enough but the client would like to transfer more, deposit will need to be made to the securities company on the date the customer requested the purchase.
    • Incase the funds required in the desired currency are not enough but the client has the funds in another currency, a currency exchange will be possible.The exchange rate of the foreign securities company will be used on the day the client informs the company. The client must inform them 1 day before the payment.

  3. Settlement of Securities Trading
    • Gained amount will be sent to the client’s account. Each currency will be separated and when the a withdrawal order is sent, the company will withdraw the amount from abroad toThailand and convert it to THB. The exchange rate for this conversion will be based on Thai banks 2 days after the settlement (settlement date + 2).